Mid-Winter Break Trips


Toby Spurlock, Reporter

Winter break is over and students are back to school. Many students went on vacation somewhere to visit family or to just have fun – exciting places including Hawaii, Mexico, and palm desert.

Finn Padberg , a sophomore at Peninsula High School, went to Hawaii and said “my favorite part would probably have to be just relaxing at our hotel in the sun and swimming.” He said, “the worst part would be the last day since that’s the day he left.” While he was there, he swam, snorkeled, and parasailed. Finn stayed at a hotel called The Westin, with his mom and dad. “I wouldn’t go anywhere else because at this time of year there are few places that aren’t raining or cold.” 

Maddy Sturn, a freshman at Peninsula High School, and she went to Mexico for the break. She said her favorite part would probably be seeing Mexican culture and how beautiful it was there; she went to jungles and caves, and saw beautiful birds and wildlife. “It’s a bummer for [her] trip that she couldn’t snorkel because where [she] was staying the water was too rough.” However, she did go ziplining, went to dinner shows, swam in pools, and ate good food. They stayed at Fiesta Americana in Cabo, San Lucas because they have a timeshare there. She does not have family that lives down there, but she does have two friends Alex and Diego that she saw. She did have a few other places in mind she would have rather gone to including Iceland, England, Norway, or Italy, overall she said it was a great trip.

Zach Lipsey went to Palm Desert, California. He stayed at the Weston villas with his grandparents and did fun things like play tennis go hiking and play basketball. Although he missed his friends, he enjoyed the okay weather, “the weather wasn’t as nice as I wanted it to be but it wasn’t raining, but the temperature was the high 60s.” “I would probably want to go somewhere else, but I can’t think of another place,” Lipsey said.