Griffen Bakken, Report

Senior year is a huge milestone in a student’s life. It marks the end of your teenage years and the beginning your adult life. Senior year is full of the last of fun times with highschool friends, as well as big decisions for your life.

When High School comes to a close it can be very stressful on a senior. Seniors have to decide where they are going to college and what they are studying. Zachary Taylor said, “Applying to college was a high stress process and deciding my major really took a lot of hard thought.” These kind of decisions can really affect how the rest of your life will play out. They decide where you’ll be living for the next four years and in a lot of cases what career you are going to have. This is understandable then, as to why this aspect of senior year can often seem like a mountain of pressure and stress.

While senior year does bring about a mound of anxiety it is also a great period to spend time with your closest of friends. There are so many experiences seniors have in their final year that make it special. Aris Sanders said “My favorite experience was senior fishbowl. It felt so good to get the big win our final year of highschool. It was really something special.” Senior year can magnify even the simplest of experiences and make them something else. It can make them feel especially different. Knowing it’s your last time partaking in a school event can really put it into perspective.

Finally, senior year is meant to remember all of the special times you have spent at your school. Most of the seniors have spent four years with all of their friends so strong memories have been made. Senior Braeden Potter said, “My favorite memory was senior night out. The picnic with our whole class was really fun and I really felt close to our class as a whole.”

Fun times like these really bring the seniors together and strengthen bonds they make us remember them for a lifetime and create bonds that the senior class will have for life.