Share the Love Month at Peninsula


Shawn Leonard, Reporter

At other schools, February is a short month that most people just want to get over with. However, at Peninsula High School February is known as Share the Love month. Mrs. O’Leary, the Leadership teacher at Peninsula, said, “I think that Share the Love month is one of the most important things that we do at Peninsula High School because it shows the love that we have in our community and how we support one another.”

The first week is Love Yourself week. The significance of this week is to love yourself because if you can not love yourself then you will never learn how to love others. The leadership students put up posters with positive messages on them. There was also an emphasis on loving your selfie because you see yourself everyday on your phone when you look in the camera. Stickers with messages such as “I love myself because…” were also handed out to students to boost self-esteem. Inspirational messages were written on the school bathroom mirrors and sticky notes with nice messages were put on cars. Will Wright, a student at Peninsula High School, said “Loving yourself is important because it makes you feel good and want to live a good life.”

Because of the snow days, Love Your School week was cancelled. The last week of February is Love Others week. The main activity that happens during this week is the compliment cards. Emma Lofdahl, a senior executive student at Peninsula High School, was asked how the compliment cards help other students. She said, “The compliment cards help because they make the students feel good and it creates a special bond in the community and the school.”