Fright Fest 2018


Sierra Haddick

In awe of the fright fest lights

Sierra Haddick, Reporter

Those who seek scary attractions such as haunted houses and thrill seeking rides in the dark have probably heard of Wild Waves Fright Fest. Many things make this festival interesting, but their main attractions are their three unique haunted houses; the Clown House, the haunted forest also known as Camp Whispering Pines, and the Chamber of Souls.

  A fellow thrill seeker and close friend of mine named Alice Gatto says, “Walking through the haunted forest attraction felt surreal. Like if you reached out to touch something, you wouldn’t actually touch anything, like when you’re in a dream. It’s super cool.” She also said,  “The reason I believe people like haunted houses is because it’s such a different experience, like walking through a different dimension for a little bit It gives me adrenaline rushes that I just don’t get from the rides anymore. I like the clown house too because while it’s not exactly scary, there are so many colors and there are a lot of optical illusions that make up for it.” When asked which haunted house she liked best she replied with, “I think the haunted forest was the best, it just seemed cooler to me.”

 Gavin Grier talked about his experience in the haunted houses saying, “As a person who doesn’t scare easily, I love to get scared.”. If he were choose a favorite haunted house he would choose the haunted forest, otherwise known as Camp Whispering Pines because there were a lot more jump scares and it was a lot more in your face. He also said, “We’ve all been to camp so like and I think at one point we all just got scared at camp, and I think that we’ve all been scared at camp before so it’s just a lot more realistic to us.”

 Gavin also described his experience in the Chamber of Souls as fun, saying how they literally got him on the ground at the end. At the entrance to the haunted house Gavin had asked a man with a chainsaw to try and scare him at the exit of the haunted house since he had no particular fear of chainsaws. In the end he got his wish, talking about how scared he’d been by the chainsaw man.

 As for the Clown House, a young girl named Ayesha who was a kindergartener, braved this haunted house with her mom. She didn’t say much, but she was smiling so big after making it through the whole haunted house. There were optical illusions throughout the Clown House and one of those illusions was the fact that the walls were designed to look 3D, if your wore the 3D glasses the entrance workers handed out. When asked what she liked about it, she replied with “The colors.” She didn’t seem to fond of the other aspects of the haunted house.

 Both Gavin and Alice described the Clown house as cool but not necessarily scary to them — worth going through to experience the optical illusions. They also agree that if they had the chance to go through one of the three haunted house to go through again they’d pick Camp Whispering Pines. They love the adrenaline rush the jump scares given in any and all of the haunted houses saying it was definitely worth the money and the wait.

 So to all those other thrill seekers out there, if your looking for something to make your skin crawl, or a place to that gives you a good adrenaline rush, Wild Waves Fright Fest would be a good place for you. 

“I choose this photo because I feel like it captures the lights, and kind of the awe some people have from being apart of the festival.”

Photographer: Sierra Haddick