Our New PHS Staff


Victoria Denney

Peninsula Seahawk class of 2022

Victoria Denney, Reporter

Remember the first day of school? Every year it is the same; you wonder who your teachers are, if your friends are there, and where you sit at lunch. Teachers go through very similar things too. “My parents moved up here 25 years ago, I’ve only been here about 15 months, so my parents were in the school zone and, so I’ve known about it (Peninsula High school) for years. What made me want to come is I’ve heard phenomenal things about peninsula and the administration, and the teachers and the kids,” says Ms. Sarah-Michael, who teaches 1 art science and four chemistry. “So I have all four grades, so I teach anywhere from ninth all the way up to twelfth.”

Ms. Sarah Johnson

“I used to work at South Kitsap High school, there were lots of people there that said that Peninsula was a good high school, and then I know Mr. Goodwin, the principle……The people I work with, the teachers, our administration are all really great and they’re very smart, and helpful and care about the students and do a really good job, and I’m learning a lot from them,” Said Mr. Pinneo, an English teacher.

Mr. Benjamin Pinneo

“So I was working at Key Peninsula Middle School last year and,really wanted to have the opportunity to work with students that are older,and then also just students that starting to look what their lives are going to be like after school, and make decisions about going to college and what kind of career they’re gonna be looking into. And an opportunity to work with students that moved on to high school that I worked with in middle school. So I started out with my kids really young in preschool and volunteered   a lot in the preschool classroom and I really enjoyed it so i decided to go back to school and get my teaching certificate, and as my kids got older, I got interested in teaching older grades,” said Ms. Swainston, an english language arts teacher.


Let everyone at Peninsula High welcome and appreciate our new staff!