PHS Artist

katie clark, reporter

Art and anime clubs have been around for a long time — it shows people’s interests and what they most enjoy — and everyone’s artistic talents deserve the spotlight.
Wall Art Spray Graffiti Woman

Everyone has a story about what made them draw, what made them passionate their artistic talents and designs. Sometimes individual’s just do it for the fun of it, but many people also want to make a career and explore that piece of talent they have in there art. It can be in painting, pastels, clay, or even makeup, so for those kids that hide away and keep their talents a secret, or even just stay quiet about their artistic abilities. Well we want to tell everyone about them, and show them their amazing art. We should Embrace that without people like them, the world would have no feeling, emotion or personality.
Educational Colored Pencils


For more explanation all of us would like to say that we should appreciate every artist that comes to this school, because if everyone was the same there would be no color, no emotion, no feeling, and no beautiful sculptures. Not even photos or drawings, so let’s all take this time we have and put those professional  artist in the light.

      Indigo Clark, a student that transferred to Peninsula High School, has an interesting background and reasoning for how she became the great artist she is; passion for her artwork and effort in her creative abilities. Clark has never stopped doing what she loved, even though others were more advanced at their art skills, “I like doing basic illustrations, and watercolor and drawing my emotions.” Her talents inspire other students, and will be used in Clark’s future career plan. 

 Miss Buchanan is Peninsula High School’s art teacher, and has a special interest in sculpting. Her and the art and anime club like to get together and create their own art and sculptures to sell.  The Art and Anime Clubs are currently fundraising to go to museums and experience artwork. The inspiration for becoming an art teacher was her grandparents and parents, as they were all artists; making her really want to follow this passion. Teaching kids to show their skills, and her artwork together, allows her to express who she is. Buchanan is Peninsula’s outlet for the students’ messages to the world.