The Era of Adidas


Griffin Bakken

Peninsula High School’s football player Cole McVay

Griffin Bakken, Reporter


Today looks are everything. Here at Peninsula, athletics have tried to embrace that through top athletic provider Adidas. Peninsula High School has made a huge transition in its Athletics, and has become an official Adidas sponsored school. Almost all sports will be using Adidas apparel and receiving new Adidas Jerseys. This new change marks a new era of Peninsula athletics, “It’s a step in the right direction,” basketball player Dane Jackson said, “It’s going to help the school a lot.” Jackson then said, “It’s going to really help us in the long run, giving us that extra edge to push through,” he finished by saying, “when we look good we feel good.”

With the new look Peninsula has received it has truly unified athletics. The Adidas sponsorship means a universal logo for the school sports. Senior Burke Griffin, Quarterback of the football team and team captain said, “This really brings Peninsula athletics closer together, It really creates a community feeling among the athletes. It really adds to the interactions between athletes.” This change has sparked new relationships with the different athletes.

Overall the new Adidas uniforms and gear are having a positive effect on the school and essentially bring the sports together. With these new changes the future of Peninsula athletics looks promising.