PHS Middle School Volleyball Camp 2018


Hallie Hicks and Kendra Hunsaker

Learning volleyball is a difficult task, unless you have some help. The young middle school girls in Gig Harbor and on the Key Peninsula have the ability, every year, to come to Peninsula High Schools very own volleyball training camp run by the High Schools very own volleyball team. The Peninsula Volleyball Camp lasts for four days and teaches the basic moves and rules of volleyball. Along with games and dance parties that everyone is welcome to join in on. The Peninsula Volleyball Camp is one of the largest fundraising events for Peninsula High School Volleyball each year. This year alone the camp has at least 70 middle school participants, which will help fund the 2018-2019 volleyball season.


Day 1:

The girls of the PHS Volleyball Team gathered together to set up for the Middle School Volleyball Camp at 3 o’clock. At 3:30 all of the girls started playing short games before starting the warm up. Then everyone got onto the end line of the courts and did a short warm up to get ready for the next 2 and a half hours of fun drills and learning opportunities.

After warming up the girls played a game called Pip, Squeak, and Wilbur. They got into groups of 3, the person in front was Pip, the middle was Squeak, and the last was Wilbur. If their “name” was called they ran around the circle and when they got back to their group they dove between their legs and grabbed a ball from the middle of the circle as fast as they could. If they didn’t get a ball in time, they were out and would then sit down and cheer for the people around them. The game went on until we had one winner. Then it was over and onto the next activity.

The middle school girls then split into their grades, 6th, 7th, and 8th. The 6th graders were with Coach V, the 7th with Coach Smith, and 8th with Coach Cardinal. Coach Cardinal then took her girls to the comp. Gym to work on attacking, blocking, and setting. Coach Smith and Coach V stayed in the AUX gym to work on passing, and 3-touch game play.

Each one of the girls made huge improvement just within the time they were there and were all looking forward to the next day.


Day 2:

Just like the day before, everyone warmed up and then played a game and got to work. This time the 6th graders were with Coach Cardinal, the 7th were with Coach Smith and the 8th were with Coach V. The coaches focused on the same thing as the day before and each team made just as much, if not not more, improvement as they did during the first day.


Day 3:

After warming up and playing a quick game. The girls split into their groups for the day. 6th grade was with Coach Smith, 7th with Coach V, and 8th with Coach Cardinal. They worked on their topics and grouped up at the end for a fun game.


Day 4:

It’s the final day and the biggest of them all it was Tournament Day. The 6th graders had their own games and activities in the comp. gym and the 7th and 8th had a joint tourney in the AUX gym. At the end of the day we grouped back up and played a game. All the girls lined up to buy a smoothie to support the PHS Volleyball Team. Overall, camp was a success. All of the girls made huge improvements and are looking forward to the seasons and camps to come.