Zoolights: Where Dreams Become Realities


Hallie Hicks, Managing Editor

Bright lights, family fun, and amazing shows; the Point Defiance Zoo’s annual light show Zoolights lights up Tacoma from November 24 – January 1st. Zoolights began in 1988 making 2017 the 30th year this holiday favorite has been around.

Zoolights, a special experience for many people during the holiday season. Different light arrangements are created each year including a pirate ship, a polar bear, many different trees and giant flower gardens. Each year the decorations change, new families visit for the first time and old families visit for the 4th or 5th year in a row.

“I feel like it’s a place that is more enjoyed by a lot of people rather than just a few” said Joseph Blanchard. Many different groups of people go to Zoolights together for fun. The light show can be a romantic outing for couples but some people feel that it is better with a large group of people. Which in some people’s opinions makes them enjoy the entire show and the effort workers put into making the experience memorable.

“It was really crazy… there were a lot of lights” said William Pinnell, who went when he was only 10 years old. All the things that were happening around him kept his mind racing with the possibilities of what next year might bring. The light shows are extravagant and well planned each year with the goal to please and stick in the minds of all who visit.