Are You Looking to Make a Difference?

Are You Looking to Make a Difference?

Nicole Cohen, Reporter

If you’ve never heard of this amazing foundation, its main mission is to help kids and countries all around the world with big issues that they have to face every single day. It stands for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund and was founded in December of 1946. Unicef is an impactful club that “raises money for a lot of crisis situations and advocates for diplomatic issues for countries in need” as stated by club President, Elysse Gregor.

The club is split up into three different teams to have a more effective progress rate throughout the year. President, Elysse Gregor and Executive Officer, Chloe Henrey lead team one. Their focus is on fundraising ideas and budgeting, they are the backbone of the club. Team two is lead by Brayden Hester, another Executive Officer, and Lauren Russell, the clubs VP. Team two’s target is to work on the clubs monthly themes and promoting the goal of Unicef around the school. Finally team three is lead by Nicole Cohen and Claire Brunkow who run the social media sites and spread the word of Unicef efficiently around the school.

The club was started by President, Elysse Gregor, last year because she feels it’s the right kind of organization to have students involved in and helping to promote. She says that this club is here for students who want to “have a bigger impact on the world and community and to raise money for people in need.” She also states that everyone should join because “it’s a great way to earn community service hours and show that you care about global issues and children in need.”

If you are looking to join a club that has a great atmosphere, gives you community service hours, and has great people looking to raise money and awareness for countries in need of help, then this is the club for you. Every 1st and 3rd thursday of every month at 2:15 in room 515 (O’leary’s) is Unicef club, just walk on in!  


For more information about Unicef club, follow them on twitter and instagram!

Twitter: peninsulaUNICEF

Instagram: peninsulaunicef