College Decisions: What To Account For

Quinlan Rogers, Reporter

Spring hits and it is a very stressful time of the year. Seniors are making their college decisions and the next four years of your life seem dependent on one choice.

For some, it is an easy choice. For others, it can be very difficult. The size of the school, the academics, the location, and your degree can all be something to think about.

To senior Cameron Lewis, University of Washington was a perfect fit for his academics and to play lacrosse.

“I really wanted to stay close to home while also finding the best education I could. I also still wanted to play lacrosse,” says Cameron Lewis.

While previously thinking about UC Berkeley, he found that he had a great option right in front of him.

“It has a really great business program and that’s what I was looking into so that was a main factor,” states Lewis.

UW has one of the best business schools in the nation, ranked 27th according to US News, tied with Vanderbilt and Ohio State University.

On the other hand, senior Betsy Brunkow wanted to get away from home to another home: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Down in central California, this school is one of the tougher ones to get into.

“Location was a big factor and the academics, like how serious they were. It would set up how I would succeed after college,” said Brunkow.                      

So far the most prominent features are the location and the academics. However, there is plenty of small things that matter.

“It has been my top choice all along. I also love the people and the atmosphere,” says Brunkow.

It is a fun time of the year, but we are all sad to see the seniors go. Wish the best of luck to the class of 2017.