Jayda Hoyt

Jayda is an example of how the support and love that a young person receives from PHS can turn a life around. she has experienced many hardships in her young life. Jayda has overcome significant adversity, and is now graduating from Peninsula High School with a job, plans to move out into an apartment this summer, and a bright future ahead of her. She will be attending the Community Transition Program. Jayda is a “get-er-done” type of girl who sets goals for herself, works responsibly toward her goals, and experiences the satisfaction of accomplishment. She has been a wonderful role model, showing how the combination of PHS encouragement and her own ┬ápersonal hard work lads to success and opens doors for her future.

Jayda has learned to be a problem solver. she uses her resources to help her figure out solutions and move in a positive direction. This has not always been easy for her, given her multiple moves and special challenges, but she has not let these obstacles prevent her. She had to take a few detours, but has quickly gotten back on track.

Jayda currently works for the Superintendents office at Peninsula School Districts administrative offices, as a student intern. She receives the highest compliments. A quote from Marilyn Wilson, Executive Assistant to┬áthe Superintendent, and Jayda’s direct supervisor says, “Jayda brings joy to our office setting the minute she steps in the door! She always has a smile on her face and is very uplifting to others around her. She confidently goes about her duties independently and is highly respected among our staff members.”

Jayda is also a tutor for students with special needs, providing instruction with kindness, high expectations and quality programming. She works with people with challenging behaviors, and still manages to persevere and connect with each of them. Jayda earned a leadership award and a scholarship from the Community Inclusion Program for her commitment to supporting others and building an inclusive environment for people of all abilities. She is a strong advocate for people, always looking out for those less able. Jayda sees the strength in others, and helps by providing support so that everyone is successful. She knows what it feels like to be struggling, and is committed to encouraging and motivating others.

Jayda us an inspirational example of PHS Awesome!”

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