March Madness: Seth’s Update and Future Predictions


Grace Lewis

Seth’s picks for the 2017 March Madness Bracket

Seth Walloch, Sports Editor

As March Madness progresses through the first two rounds, the tournament is only getting more heated. Though the first round didn’t hold a lot of upsets, round two broke a lot of brackets.

In the first two days of the tournament, where 64 teams were reduced to 32, the only big upsets were some 12 seeds beating 5 seeds and 11 seeds beating 6 seeds.This round wasn’t as crazy as the second.

The second round, producing the Sweet Sixteen, held all the crazy upsets. The first upset being the most crazy: a 1 seed losing (which almost never happens in the first round).

Villanova, a number 1 seed, lost to Wisconsin, number 8 seed, by a mere three points. This game disrupted a lot of brackets because most people predicted Villanova to at least be competing in the Final Four.

Another crazy upset that broke a lot people’s brackets was number 2 seed, Duke, losing to a number 7 seed, South Carolina. Duke lost by seven points. A huge surprise, a lot of people expected Duke to win because they’ve, historically, been such a competitive team.

Looking forward into the tournament there are only 16 teams left. Three of the four 1 seeds remain, but I don’t believe that all of them will make it to the Final Four. I believe the only 1 seed that will get there is Gonzaga because in the Western Bracket, Gonzaga won’t have to play teams as strong as those in the other brackets.

In the Eastern Bracket, I believe Baylor will make it to the Final Four. There isn’t a lot of strong competition in this bracket anymore, so they’ll have an easier time. The other best team in this bracket is Florida, and even though they blew out Virginia, I believe they still won’t be able to beat Baylor.

Now looking to the Midwest Bracket. This bracket is pretty competitive still and has very strong number 1 seed Kansas. They play Purdue which I think they will easily beat and move on to play Oregon (a 3 seed). This is where I see Kansas losing, letting Oregon move on. Oregon will be sent to the Final Four from the Midwest.

Lastly, concerning the Southern Bracket, the most competitive, UNC is the number 1 seed but, in my opinion, not the best team. The team that I see moving forward is UCLA. They will have to beat Kentucky and UNC to get to the Final Four but I believe they can easily do that.

Between the Final Four teams that I have predicted the two that will move onto the championship is a hard prediction for me. However, I do believe that Gonzaga could beat Baylor and move onto the championship. UCLA will have to play Oregon to move onto the championship which will be a very hard game but Lonzo Ball will step up and carry his team to the championships.

Gonzaga playing UCLA in the championship. Who will win you ask? UCLA will take down Gonzaga but I know it will be a very close and competitive game. Overall the championship game will be a very fun one to watch.