Ethan Thompson’s Self Expression


Grace Lewis

Ethan Thompson spends hundreds of hours on Youtube.

Nathan Johnson, Reporter

With over 1 billion users each month, Youtube is one of the largest social media outlets today. Everyone at least once has found themselves deeply entangled and locked into the deep side of Youtube, watching the endless amounts of videos as hours slip out the window like sand out of an overturned bucket.

One of the contributors to the oodles of videos on Youtube is Peninsula High School sophomore, Ethan Thompson.

“I started my channel two years ago,” Ethan said. “I plan to continue it until I have satisfied the forty-six people [subscribers] that watch my videos.”

Most days, Ethan goes home and gets right to work under the pen name ‘Paul Limberous’ working on and uploading videos to his channel.

Garrett Thompson, Ethan’s older brother, says, “on a busy day he can spend up to 2 hours on it and some days he doesn’t work on it at all.”

It takes Ethan about one work session to produce a video and get it uploaded onto Youtube. Working on his channel an average of three days a week, he can produce one to two videos each week.

Ethan’s channel is home to a wide variety of videos. These videos can range from parody documentaries all the way to ten hour live streams of him doing his everyday tasks.

Garrett Thompson said, “I feel like it’s funny and it’s an interesting way for him to express himself.”

Ethan gets his video ideas not only by books he has read, but other things he sees on the internet. He sits at his desk and when he gets an idea, he works on it until it is video-worthy.

Ethan’s love for Youtube began when he was a young child.

“When I was a child my family would travel,” Ethan said. “When we were travelling I would always watch Youtube channels and I would think, ‘Hey, that would be pretty fun’.”

Ethan started his Youtube channel after he found out he didn’t need parent permission and it was free to create. With the hours he’s spent working on his channel, he believes he spends about six and a half hours everyday watching and exploring the depths of Youtube.

Ethan is highly optimistic about his channel as he doesn’t see a day in the future in which he will stop producing videos for his subscribers.

“I am planning on making better videos that take at least 2 days [sessions] to make and to have less of a script,” said Ethan. He’s always looking for ways to improve his channel.

When Ethan began his Youtube channel two years ago, he had no idea how it would turn out. Now with hundreds of videos and hundreds of hours put into Youtube, Thompson is still a true fan of Youtube.