Kehlani Comes Out From Hiding After 2 Years Of No Releases

Olivia Collins, Reporter

Kehlani’s new album ‘SweetSexySavage’ climbed up the charts of the R&B world. ‘SweetSexySavage’ songs give her fans a nostalgic type of vibe. She’s telling stories through her songs about relationships she’s been through. The R&B world has kicked off with a positive start now that Kehlani has arrived and is stealing the spotlight.

‘SweetSexySavage’ opens up with a poem spoken by Reyna Biddy. “Into” is about women wanting to be understood and female empowerment, “The truth is, I’m a superwoman/ And some days I’m an angry woman/ And some days I’m a crazy woman.” Throughout the album, short interludes are played in the beginning of her songs. It seems to be her family discussing love and mistakes they have made in the past. The small interludes are heartwarming and leaves you with a small smile.

After the intro, “Keep On” plays. The opening song is about the boyfriend giving Kehlani more love than she is giving him. “And you just keep takin’ me back/ And I don’t know why you do/ ‘Cause I’m no good to you.” The beat is played off well and is added with handclaps and snapping. The song is very simple and well performed. Kehlani is confused why he keeps taking her back when she feels as if she doesn’t deserve it. In “Did U Dirty” Kehlani is having a one sided relationship with her man. Kehlani doesn’t feel as if she’s ready for a committed relationship because she’s young and wants to experience more.

One of the hit songs in ‘SweetSexySavage’ is “Distraction.” This song steals the spotlight from the album. The song talks about normal relationships she’s had, which fits the theme of the album perfectly: “I need you to give me your time/ I need you to not wanna be mine.” The beat has a laidback vibe, which pleases the audience’s ears. The song is catchy and is unquestionably relatable to women. Although Kelani talks about her past relationships in ‘SweetSexySavage’ she also shows her fans she is a independent woman and doesn’t need a relationship in “CRZY.” This song gives a different vibe from the rest of the sounds. “CRZY” plays off a lot of attitude. She is showing confidence, saying that she is powerful without a man.
Kehlani wants to show her fans a different side of her that they are not used to. Kehlani wants her fans to relate to her songs by giving them an album filled with confidence, love, and vulnerability. ‘SweetSexySavage’ does a good job in achieving her goal.