Girls Basketball Gets the Playoff Win


Cassandra Bundrick

PHS Girls playing basketball.

Ben Undem, Reporter

The score alone made for a thrilling neck to neck game, Hawks up by 4, Lancers up by 1, back and forth until the start of the fourth quarter. This is when the momentum of the game changed. The Hawks took the lead for good, finishing off their first postseason game strong and starting their postseason off even stronger.

February 9th, this past Thursday, the PHS Seahawks and LHS Lancers went face to face at North Thurston High School. The Hawks have secured 3rd in league, and have an overall of 15 wins and 6 losses including Thursday’s first playoff game.

In the playoffs, the winning teams will be funneled together making all the games more difficult, and greater challenges are sure to arise.

“Keeping confidence, we will be playing bigger and stronger teams [than us],” said Belle Frazier. Frazier, a sophomore at PHS, led her team in scoring with a total of 32 points against Lakes High School, followed by Kirsten Ritchie.

“It’s been an interesting experience and I feel lucky considering our team has not been to the playoffs every year,” says Ritchie, junior at PHS who lead the team in rebounds. Rebounds were key in this game, some leading to beautiful passes down the court followed by the delightful swoosh of the net and cheering of the crowd.

“I feel that Payge Palagyi played really well defensively.” said Ritchie. Palagyi is a PHS junior, who lead the team in assists.

16-12 in favor of the Hawks was the score at the end of the first quarter, followed by 29- 30 at halftime making this an exciting game. At the end of the third quarter, it was still either team’s’ game with the scoreboard showing 49- 47. The Seahawks took home the win on Thursday with a final score of Hawks 65, Lancers 57.
“It’s a pleasure to coach such a great team,” said Shane Patrick, head coach and leader of the successful season for the Peninsula Seahawks. “I thought they played one of their best games of the season, they played terrific.”

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