Welcome to Raftopia


Rachel Svinth

Mrs. Raft wearing her custom Raftopia shirt.

Rachel Svinth, Reporter

This year, Peninsula High School is welcoming a new math teacher, Mrs. Raft. Not only does she bring lots of spunk and positivity, but a very different approach on teaching as well.

“My classroom is run as a village. All of us are working together to the common goal of passing, and we have fun along the way, and we make mistakes along the way, and that’s okay,” said Raft.

Previously at South Kitsap for 14 years, Raft has taught Geometry, AP Statistics, and both levels of Algebra. Due to the convenient location and a recommendation from a former PHS teacher, Raft decided to make the switch.

“My favorite thing at Peninsula are the students. There’s a lot of respect in the student body, and there’s a common goal of wanting to learn, and that’s a gift,” said Raft.

Mrs. Raft is currently teaching Algebra One and Two. She is eager to adapt to the new textbook and excited to become familiar with all the PHS customs.  

“She is very positive and upbeat, and I’m looking forward to the year,” said freshman Lauren Gilman.

Raft has also expressed the idea of making sweatshirts to represent her classroom ‘village’. Also known as Raftopia, the village creates an environment that encourages learning from one another, positivity, and fun.

“It’s amazing. I love that idea so much. I like that she is so involved with the students. ” said freshman Nikki Schobert

As the 2016/17 school year unfolds, Mrs. Raft will continue to adjust to her new PHS community, and continue to bring an abundance of positivity and learning to her classroom.

“Second semester should be a lot easier than first semester, and I’m looking forward to becoming familiar with everything.” said Raft.