Kelsey Magee & Wendy Christianson

Mrs. Wendy Christiansen is one of the most inspirational people I know because she makes every person feel equally important. Wendy looks at every person as a human rather than someone who has a disability or special abilities. She has great patience and an incredible strive to help those with special needs be able to live a life of happiness and freedom. She has taught me to be a better sister, friend, and student. Mrs. Wendy is a great influential woman to look up to. It has been an honor to spend my high school career being apart of Community Inclusion Program with her by my side.

-Kelsey Magee

Kelsey is a champion of people… of all people.  She radiates a cheerful confidence that inspires others. Kelsey never lets us forget that everyone deserves love, respect, and kindness.  Kelsey has experienced adversity through her high school journey, which she has maneuvered with grace, perseverance, and strength of character.  Motivated by unflagging determination, Kelsey focuses on reminding us to recognize and appreciate the strengths of people with disabilities.  She fights so hard for people to be accepted and included, because she knows what it like for people to live without tolerance and friendship.  Through the Community Inclusion Program and because of her brother, she has shared her passionate commitment to building acceptance and diversity at Peninsula High School.  Kelsey is a special kind of leader.


-Wendy Christiansen

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