Dominic Lauer

Dominic Lauer took the hardest math class offered in high school…a class only a handful of PHS students have attempted.  He successfully completed the class on his own through independent study.  His willingness to challenge himself, combined with a love of learning are hallmarks of Dominic Lauer’s career at PHS.


Dom tackles challenging concepts by demonstrating the characteristics of an expert learner.  He goes beyond the how and continually seeks out the “why.”  Fearless in attacking novel situations, Dominic understands the importance in extending his understanding.  It is this voracious curiosity that makes Dom stand out as a lifelong learner and achiever,

I will miss Dom walking into class asking, “What are we learning today?”  It is a simple question, but you learn how genuine a question it is for Dominic.  I have no doubt Dom will accomplish great things in the future no matter what path he chooses.

Mr. Gillis

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