ASB Elections Results are in!


Pictured: Shafer Newton, the new ASB President.

Meghan Laakso, Managing Editor

Thursday was a day full of amazing speeches and the week before was constant campaigning. After all the choas, the results are in on who will be running ASB for the 2016-2017 school year.

Class of 2019 Senators: Amos Peterson, Brenna Lindstrom, Elysse Gregor, Madi Wilson and Isaac Hartz

Class of 2018 Senators:  Conor Bass, Audrey Lauer, Dora Vaughn, Brayden Hester, and Ben Standford

Class of 2017 Senators: Anna Haugen, Evan Johnson, Jacob Huffer, Cameron Lewis, and Betsy Brunkow

Executive Officers:

ASB President: Shafer Newton

Vice President: Danny Jackson

Secretary– Jonathan Brewster

Treasurer– Jack Filkins

Congratulations to all who won and are going to make the 2016-2017 year a good one for PHS.