March Madness; Our Semi-Expert Talks About The End


Seth Walloch, Sports Editor

March Madness is over and some people are happy with the outcome, while others are sad because of how bad their team/bracket did. The tournament was crazy because of some of the upsets. Some teams that were expected to go all the way to the championship lost first round, and other teams went way farther than anybody expected them to go. Many people are sad it’s over because of how much fun it is to watch close college basketball games.

The first big upset of the whole tournament was Michigan State losing in the first round to Middle Tennessee University. This game was crazy because most people thought Michigan State was going to the Final Four, some even thought the Championship. Within five minutes into the game, MTU was up by 13. MTU kept the lead for most of the game, Michigan State came back, only for a little bit. In the end, MTU was able to hold its lead and secure the win. This game broke so many people’s brackets.

Another huge upset was West Virginia losing, in the first round, to Stephen F. Austin. WV was a very strong four-seed that many people thought would go far in the tournament. Personally, I thought they would go all the way to the Final Four. They have a very strong defense that proved to not be good enough to stop SFA’s offense. In the beginning, it seemed like a normal game with WV in the lead for awhile. By half, SFA had caught back up and made it a close game. In the end, West Virginia lost with a score of 56 to 70.

Now to the Championship game between number two seed Villanova and number one seed North Carolina. It was a pretty close game the whole time. It was a back-and-fourth lead, and at half, Nova was down by five, but they did not stay down for long because after half, they came out strong. They were then able to take the lead and keep it for a good amount of time.
Now coming to the end of the game, Villanova was up with a score of 74-71. Then North Carolina put up a crazy, off-balance shot with 7 seconds left, which went in. This left Villanova with 4.7 seconds to dribble down the court and get a good shot off. Ryan Arcidiacono dribbled quickly down the court, then gave it to Kris Jenkins for the final shot of regular time. With 1 second left on the clock, Jenkins shoots the ball and SWISH. The clock expired while the ball was in the air. He won the game with a buzzer beater. Villanova had won a National Championship, which they hadn’t done since 1985. This game truly will be remembered for a long time in sports history.