Life of the PHS Pokeboy

Reporter, Nathan Johnson, captures the lifestyle of passionate Pokemon players.

Nathan johnson

Reporter, Nathan Johnson, captures the lifestyle of passionate Pokemon players.

Nathan Johnson, Reporter

To some pokemon isn’t just a game. Some people live and breathe pokemon. To some other people pokemon is as addictive as a drug. Millions of trainers each year spend hundreds of hours training and preparing their pokemon to battle against millions of other trainers worldwide.

One of these pokemon fanatics is freshman, Jacob Holtzclaw. Since the age of four, Holtzclaw has maintained a deep relationship with this franchise.  

“When I was young my mom bought me a pokemon game and I fell in love,” said Holtzcaw.

Holtzcaw has spent countless hours training and building indestructible bonds with his beloved pokemon. Holtzclaw is fully engaged in this game and owns pillows, blankets, and even stuffed animals to immerse himself deeper into this lifestyle. Holtzclaw is in a deep relationship with this Japanese franchise, saying he would marry it if he could.

Because of Holtzclaw’s pokemon reputation at PHS, most people refer to Holtzclaw as Pokeboy.

“I got my nickname because every time I went over to my grandma’s house, I would play pokemon all the time. She just started calling me pokeboy and it stuck,” said Holtzcaw.

This is the mark of a true fan and a true hero. Pokemon’s influence on Holtzclaw’s life reaches deeper than just his nickname.

“Pokemon has influenced my life by teaching me that it’s ok not to always be the winner,” said Holtzcaw. “As well as how to deal with frustration of loss.”

Pokemon intensifies rivalries and blossoms friendships. After sharing a class in the sixth grade, Holtzcaw and freshman, Zachary Marcuson have become the best of friends. Although these two don’t hang out too often out of school, they run cross country together and share a couple of classes. These two inspire each other to be better trainers and push each other in academics and track.

Another good friend of Holtzclaw’s is freshman, Jared Tart. When they met in eighth grade, they instantly became friends. Tart and Holtzclaw are both crazy about pokemon. Both own almost every game brought into existence.

“I think I am even more into pokemon than he is,” said Tart.

February 27th marked the 20th anniversary for the pokemon franchise. Pokemon is still relatively new and the capabilities of this franchise have yet to be touched by the developers.

“I’m excited to see what new concepts they come up with in the new games,” said Holtzcaw.

Holtzclaw has been playing Pokemon for over 10 years which is an impressive accomplishment. He plans to continue to play this game for many years to come.

“I like the fact that it is a strategy based game where you can explore different regions and discover new animals,” said Holtzcaw.

Pokemon is an impressive franchise. Extreme fans, such as Holtzclaw, are the driving force for new games and new concepts. With these crazy fans all blood hungry for more pokemon, the pokemon franchise will never die and Holtzclaw will be able to play pokemon for many decades to come.