Shoes for CHEW

Amelia Wright, Reporter

Key Club is a community service club that serves Gig Harbor. The club participates in many volunteer activities. Recently, the club has decided to help raise money for the Canine Health, Education & Welfare Dog Rescue (CHEW). CHEW is a non profit dog rescue organization that has a recovery and placement facility for the at-risk dogs in our community.

CHEW is in need of more money, so Key Club is assisting them by having a school wide shoe fundraiser. The shoes will go to people in 3rd world countries in need of them (shoes with holes in them can not be accepted). With every twenty five pairs of shoes collected, CHEW will earn ten dollars towards their organization.

The class that donates the most pairs of shoes will earn $100 to go towards their prom! This will be a class competition that will also serve as a competition against Gig Harbor High School. The shoe drive has already begun and will continue until May 15th. If you want our school to win then go clean out your closets and bring your shoes into room 621!