Macklemore: an Activist Among the Millennials



Managing Editor, Meghan Laakso, captures how important Macklemore is to her generation.

Meghan Laakso, Managing Editor

My generation is often chastised for being materialistic and ignorant of the problems in the world. Technology and social media have ‘taken our attention away from what’s really important in life’. I call bull crap. My generation is actually much more aware of social issues and accepting of diverse situations than those that fall before us. It’s through social media and technology that our awareness is created. We are consistently exposed to artists, musicians, and authors who use their talent to be activists. Some stand out more than others. To me, the most important musical activist is the Seattle native, Ben Haggerty, or, as most people know him, Macklemore.

Macklemore became big in 2012 when he released his first song, Thrift Shop. The fun natured song became a household favorite, the catchy beat and unusual topic of thrift shopping lured in thousands. For a while, as Macklemore built his image, he kept releasing catchy, fun songs. But, in July after his debut, Macklemore dropped a single that took a political, controversial stand.

His main point is that people can’t change who they are and that love is love.”

— Meghan Laakso

The song, Same Love, shocked his listeners due to it’s serious pro-stance on Gay Love. In the song, Macklemore talks about how, when he was a little boy, certain stereotypes made him think he was gay. Later, he went on to discuss how certain political and religious leaders influenced the fight against marriage equality. His main point is that people can’t change who they are and that love is love.

At the time of Same Love’s release, gay marriage was illegal in most states, even in Washington. Washington politicians began to discuss marriage equality in February of 2012. But the lyrics to Macklemore’s song created a buzz that led to more serious conversation among the political representatives. In December of 2012, five months after Same Love was released, Gay Marriage was legalized in Washington state.

It is understandable that Macklemore wasn’t the sole reason for the legalization to happen. The fight was already in the process before the song was released. But I believe it is reasonable to think that Same Love  gave the battle the push it needed to become Washington legislation.

Macklemore is also very involved in philanthropy work. One is the 30/30 project which works to build lasting healthcare facilities all around the world. He is an important force in the Seattle ‘We Day’ conference that is dedicated to empowering youth. Macklemore also shares his story on his past with drug abuse for the Half of Us Initiative which is an organization that helps the youth with any problem they may have. And, every now and then, Macklemore will head over to Seattle Children’s Hospital with his good friend, Russell Wilson. There, the two visit sick kids and give them an extra boost of strength to keep fighting through whatever disease they may have. Macklemore’s dedication to the youth of America has made him a major icon with my generation. Not only has he inspired many to help to others, but he demonstrates strength and personal respect.

Not only has he inspired many to help to others, but he demonstrates strength and personal respect.”

— Meghan Laakso

Macklemore spent his twenties trying to battle his addictions and destructive lifestyle. In 2008, he admitted himself into rehab and then celebrated three years of sobriety before having a brief relapse in 2011 which he quickly bounced out of. He wrote the song Starting Over to share his experience with being in the public eye while trying to maintain sobriety.  Macklemore was not only able to get sober, but he is now acting as a role model for those seeking help. In the song, he says the lyrics:

‘If I can be an example of getting sober, then I can be an example of starting over’.

Macklemore has taken control of his life and is using his experience to help others. But he has also used this control to take on new responsibilities away from music. In May of 2015, Macklemore became the father of a beautiful baby girl named Sloane. With the help of Ed Sheeran, Macklemore crafted a song dedicated to his daughter called Growing Up where he gives advice to Sloane for when she gets older.

Everything Macklemore is screams role model. His philanthropy work, his positive pro-choice/ pro-self stance, his inspiring lyrics, and his dedication to equality are all things that have influenced and helped my generation.

By using social media and entertainment, his work and messages have educated hundreds of youth as well as encouraged them to be open and kind to those of different race, gender, sexuality, religion, and opinion.

The generations before mine scold us for being way too invested in social media. They frown at us for looking at life through the lens of an iPhone. But what they don’t know is that we are the generation of kindness and equality. And we have Macklemore to thank for being a large influence in our movement.