ASB Elections: The Final Countdown.

Lexi Graham, Reporter

Elections have come and passed. It was a tense time for this year’s candidates. But the votes are in. Here are our winners for the 2015-2016 school year:

President: Dakotah Carr

Vice President: Blake Cohoe

Secretary: DaisyJane Darling

Treasurer: Thomas Oatridge

Class of 2016 Senators:

  • Max Mikelson
  • Lauren Dahl
  • Dominic Lauer
  • Maddy Davis
  • Rachel Smith

Class of 2017 Senators:

  • Jonathan Brewster
  • Madison Ormsby
  • Shafer Newton
  • Nadira Ali
  • Danny Jackson

Class of 2018 Senators:

  • Burke Griffin
  • Audrey Lauer
  • Dora Vaughn
  • Brayden Hester
  • Rylee Rivera