Students, spirits, and the supernatural

Meghan Laakso, Reporter

Everyone is afraid of something. Whether it is heights, deep water, or spiders, it is enough to send chills down the spine. But what horror do most scary movies focus on? Ghouls, ghosts, spirits, vampires, and everything else ‘supernatural’. Junior, Brooke Dombroski, has had her share of spooky experiences that differ greatly from Casper the Friendly Ghost.

 Most students do not believe in the things that go bump in the night. But most also have not experienced what Dombroski has in her home here in Gig Harbor.

 “I have dealt with paranormal activity,” Dombroski said. “I will hear my front door open and close, but when I check, the door is still locked. I’ve also heard my kitchen cabinets slam open and shut.”

 With these events occurring frequently, Dombroski went to a priest who could help her feel safe. She asked him to pray for protection and courage as well as safety inside her home. The prayers have helped her go home with ease and with less fear for she has her beliefs in God to hold on to.

 As a child, Dombroski had seen her fair share of scary movies and, even with a haunted house straight out of a horror film, nothing scares her more than the gruesome faces of the zombies from The Walking Dead. Even though they are not real, they are her biggest fear.

 “I would rather be faced with the paranormal activity in my home than a zombie,” Dombroski said. “A ghost does not want to eat my flesh!”

 A ghost may not be a brains craving zombie, but, according to Dombroski, it still has the ability to be dangerous depending on the situation and reaction of the person experiencing it.

 “I believe the reaction to a ghost reinforces the negativity that it brings,” said Dombroski. “The more you acknowledge it’s presence and show fear, the more prominent it becomes.”

 Freshman, Emily Smith, was brushing her teeth when she saw her first ghost. It was of her deceased grandpa.

 “I saw him sitting on my parents bed when I was brushing my teeth.” Smith said. “He was just sitting there, slouched over and in his work clothes. My other family members have seen him too.”

 Because it was only her grandpa, Smith did not feel unsafe or scared. If it was someone she did not recognize, then she would be upset.

 Jacob Huffer, a sophomore, has had his share of experiences with ghosts who interfere with his school work.

 “There is obviously something going on [paranormal activity]. I don’t just forget my homework,” said Huffer. “There is a ghost taking my homework out of my binder.”

 From evils spirits, familiar faces, and prankster, homework stealing ghosts, each one has their own legend and story that works to get a rise out of people. There is much doubt as to whether these paranormal beings even exist. Many skeptics will try to push away the idea of the paranormal but those who come face to face with ghosts and spirits will be the first to say ghosts are real.