Lunchbox Laboratory launches in the Harbor

Lunchbox Laboratory launches in the Harbor

Rachel Smith, Reporter

The smell of fried food wafts through the swinging doors of a kitchen. There are a multitude of restaurants in the Gig Harbor area, but as of Oct. 27 a new eatery has made its way to Uptown.

“[Lunchbox Laboratory is] a growing company that is opening up in new locations in great growing communities. Currently [the restaurant] has three locations, South Lake Union, Bellevue and our location here in Gig Harbor,” Lunchbox Laboratory’s general manager, Jessica Knutelsky, said.

The restaurant’s menu consists mainly of hamburgers in order to please customers and provide a traditional  American meal. The burgers are offered in unique forms, different from the style that most restaurants serve them in.

Lunchbox Labratory

“We serve all kinds of burgers, from our ‘Classic MeriCAN’ to our ‘experiments’ such as the ‘4th and Goal’, which is a burger with two grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun,” Knutelsky said.

The restaurant, unlike most where a variety of food options are provided, mainly focuses on burgers. This food choice has caused it to advance, going from a local burger shop to a growing business. Lunchbox Laboratory has recently moved to Gig Harbor to continue to please customers in numerous areas.

“Friday, Saturday and Sundays are certainly the busiest days of the week, with the highest number of customers visiting on those days. We vary from 200-500 guests depending on the day,” Knutelsky said.

Lunchbox Laboratory is not only known for its burgers, however. The restaurant’s milkshakes are popular as well, winning both awards and a large amount of customers.

“Our ‘Classic MeriCAN’ is a top seller but our milkshakes were voted by USA Today as America’s Best Milkshake,” Knutelsky said.

Gig Harbor’s new Lunchbox Laboratory, located on Point Fosdick, is an original restaurant that  provides customer-friendly food and service. When looking for a restaurant that focuses on burgers, Lunchbox Laboratory is highly recommended.

“[Lunchbox Laboratory is] a fun restaurant that provides great service and amazing food” Knutelsky said.  “We strive to bring something extra to each and every guest that comes into our location and each one of our locations.”