Loners on love day

Alexis Finley , Reporter

In this world today, the news fills our ears of crime and tragedy. It seems like people are going crazy. Songs like “Where is the Love” and “Price Tag” remind us that love is what matters; and that is why I love Valentine’s Day. People in relationships have a special day to show their love and appreciation and do something thoughtful for each other.

However, many single people have a negative connotation with Valentine’s Day and refer to the holiday as “Single’s Awareness Day” instead. While that is funny, it is also very true, many people really do dread Valentine’s Day. I used to every year. Cute couples seem to shove their happiness in your face while you sit at home alone, only receiving a card from your parents.

Romance movies are playing by the marathons on every TV channel and it seems as if every song playing on the radio is a love song. Stores stock their shelves with flowers, chocolate hearts and pink and red cards.

Singles seem to be outcasted and left to dwell on the fact that they are alone and it seems like no one else is. I used to hate Valentine’s Day because I would be that lonely person in a world bursting with happy couples. However, for years, I never realized that is not all Valentine’s Day is about. It is not called “Happy Couple’s Day” or “Relationship Day”.  It’s Valentine’s Day, the day to honor Saint Valentine, the holiday of love, and love as simple as that. Nobody said it is strictly about the love of a significant other, a wife and husband or boyfriend and girlfriend. There is nothing wrong with receiving a card from your parents, at least you know they love and care about you.

Try not to feel sorry for yourself on Valentine’s Day. If you are single, just think of all the love being shared between everybody on this day. If people are happy, giving and compassionate in a world of chaos for a day, then I am happy, too. This world could use more days about love.
Whether or not you have a special someone to be with on Valentine’s Day, follow the monthly slogan and share the love. Valentine’s Day is not limited to only couples. Give some love to your friends, your parents, your siblings-anybody you care about. Do not spend the day moping about, it is a day to celebrate and cherish the people you love and by doing that, you will get plenty of love back.