Sage Walden

Senior Sage Walden was picked as a featured artist because of his talent to create and record rap music. He wants to pursue this as a career in the future and hopes to attend an audio engineering college

Hunter Reed, Reporter

Sage Walden

Question: What inspires you to make music? How do you come up with the lyrics to your songs?

  Answer:  “Mainly just the artists that I listen to and things that happen to me in general in life, and I usually just write about it.’’

Q. How did you get interested in making and recording music?

  A. “Well actually when I was little I was involved with Youtube because I liked watching people make funny videos on Youtube and then got really big from it. I started getting into that, and that led to people who made music, so then it made me want to try to make music.’’

Q. When did you start recording music?

  A. “I started recording music just over a year ago.’’

Q. Do you want to continue this in the future and have a career with recording music?

   A. “Yeah I’m actually planning on going to college for audio engineering so I can work in a studio and probably make my own music.’’

Q. Why do you like recording music?

   A. “Because it lets you express yourself and show who you are.’’

Q. What is your favorite song? Artist? Genre?

  A. “For favorite song, well, I don’t really have a favorite song but for favorite artist it would probably be a guy named D-Pryde, either him or SonReal.’’

Q. Who are you inspired by? Why?

  A. “I’m inspired by D-Pryde, also a lot of artists that are really good with lyrics, like J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar and a lot of people don’t agree with it, but Kanye West.’’

Q. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

   A. “Check my music out on Youtube at’’