My Daydream


Maddy M Robbins, history/opinions


Who decided the name of my mind?

Who decided the brain is the one who makes a person them?

Who in my mind is wandering, making me feel this way?

This mind, I mean-

The one that changes my mood so swiftly.

The one that makes me think so hard I end up lost, drowning in my own thoughts.

Who is supposed to help this wandering person? me?

Who is here to help the pounding drums in my head?

Now I feel calm and set in the right place.

Now I understand how I need to contain this big wave.

I don’t know how to stay in this calm place. 

I do know how to find my way back to the daydream.

Which is where I always want to stay.

Tell me, how else can I help myself? Am I supposed to be the only one there for me?

Tell me, what do you do to find your own daydream?


Picture source: Odysseus, eyes O. (2015, March 8). The art of drowning. eyesOfOdysseus. Retrieved January 19, 2023, from