Does Social Media Do More Harm Than Good?


Ava Meikle, Opinions

Is social media doing more harm than good? How does social media affect different people? Well, there are several ways social media can harm or offend someone through things like cyberbullying, mean words, and inappropriate comments or content. However, there are also several ways social media can help people and make someone’s day, like making them happy with cute animal videos or watching people building fun little build like sheds or dog house and even real house. So what are some aspects of social media that are good and some that can harm?

Let’s start by looking at some aspects that do good for people on social media. Social media can help people get some creativity from watching people making/cooking stuff and how to make it. Watching new stuff and trying it out for themselves to see new things they might like to try out or explore. It can just help them explore new things they have not heard of before okay were too scared to try. People can learn job skills or life skills, such as fixing every day ideas or even learning how to make different foods from around the world right in their own kitchens. Social media doesn’t just teach people new skills. It also allows people to stay connected to family and friends easier. Some people live far away, and you can talk to them with one click. People on social media can give others ideas for all different places and ideas for all different things.

While there are good aspects to social media, there are also parts that can harm people more than helping or making them happy. On social media, there can be a lot of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying people on the internet instead of in person, and like any form of bullying, it can get out of hand fast. There are also ways for people to say or do very inappropriate things on social media or even most video games. Some people on social media that can steal personal information from you. You never know who you can trust online, so it is important that you never give your name or where you live, even if you think you can trust them. They could be lying to you to make you trust them.

Some aspects of social media can be harmful, while other parts can make people feel happy or relaxed. There are varying opinions on whether or not social media does more harm than good.  Has your opinion on the effect of  social media changed after looking at the both the positives and negatives? Understanding both sides, will you change the way you approach social media? Social media is not only good or only bad. How you are affected by social media all depends on how you choose to use it.


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