COVID-19 Inspires New Traditions

Isabella Rosenberger


Nearly three years later, the virus that is COVID-19 has made its lasting impacts on the world, a more relevant one being how we celebrate the holidays. Far fewer and smaller crowd-related activities such as corn mazes during Thanksgiving, Black Friday the day after, and my personal favorite, the act of Thanksgiving dinner itself. Each family goes about spending this holiday just a bit differently.  Due to Covid rules and regulations over the last 2 years, families have had to choose alternative methods of celebrating. My family and I resorted to when we couldn’t reach our loved ones due to COVID; digital feasts.

Instead of the typical gathering at a family member’s house, we joined a Zoom call along with many of our relatives from around the state. More of our relatives were able to join us and we limited the risk of anyone contracting COVID.

Most families live across separate towns or even states, making it difficult to gather for holidays. No matter where you are, the internet is accessible and therefore easy to talk with family through free online platforms such as Skype or Zoom. Traveling to visit family is also pricey, whether spending a fortune on a plane ticket or gas. 

As families grow older, more relatives, specifically grandparents, begin to develop health issues which makes it more challenging to go places. Some people are even left out of the festivities due to the limitations of being stuck in a hospital. Digital gatherings ensure that everyone has a place at the table.

Another perk that I enjoy about this idea is that each individual or family can have whatever they’d like to eat, rather than the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Many people, especially older generations prefer the customary food often served for a holiday, yet I think it’s a far more inclusive practice to branch out to new and possibly even better food than the typical turkey and mashed potatoes. If Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and connecting with family, then why not change other aspects of the celebration? 

COVID has certainly changed life in some worse ways but also brought about new traditions we may have never encountered had we not been forced to resort to them. I think however you celebrate this giving of thanks, a new tradition may be just the thing to enhance this special day.