Peninsula’s Baking Competition Overview


Bella Taylor, Student Life/News

Do you like baking competitions? Peninsula High School recently had its very own Cake Decorating competition hosted by our lovely librarian Mrs. Kealy. This competition was a truly outstanding and creative way to get students involved with reading and the Peninsula Library. Here is the overview of the competition. 

I’m sure you all are wondering what the theme was for this competition, well our amazing Mrs. Kealy can answer that. She quotes “The theme was Your Favorite Book, cake edition.” And how did they come up with this year’s fun theme? “We came up with this because we wanted to put a literary spin on cake decorating. Next year, we plan to make the theme A Book from Our Library to promote checking out books from Peninsula’s library,” states Mrs. Kealy. 

Everything has a reason, right? So what was the reason for such a unique and creative school activity? Mrs. Kealy explained, “We wanted to get more footwork in the library.”  Some librarians might promote their library through posters, school news, and announcements, but Mrs. Kealy went above and beyond with this promotion for Peninsula’s library. 

Our final question, I’m sure everyone is asking, who won this cake decorating contest? Well, it was one of Peninsula’s fantastic seniors, Madison Ice! She won with an impressive display of her Hunger Games-style cake, with red velvet cake and a delicious blackberry and blueberry filling to represent the poisonous berries the two main characters pretend to eat at the end. What an outstanding concept for a cake! 

Mrs. Kealy went beyond creativity with this competition to promote the library. Cake decorating was an incredible idea to get people involved with the library. I think we can all agree that Peninsula has a truly positive and creative spirit and will always find a way to get students more involved.