Fishbowl 2022


Bryce Carithers

Hawks and Tides face off

Grace Nesbit, Sports

For seven years in a row, the Peninsula Seahawks have created a new tradition, winning FishBowl! Our beloved cross-town rivalry is by far the highlight of the football season. In the week running up to FishBowl, another contest is also occurring; Peninsula vs. Gig Harbor in the FoodBowl.  

During the week leading up to the FishBowl, FoodBowl occurs. FoodBowl is another battle between the Hawks and the Tides to see who can donate the most items to Backpacks for Kids. The Seahawks took home another win on Friday night with a total donation of 20,306 items. Gig Harbor donated 12,000 items, and Henderson Bay donated 6,505 items for a total of 38,811 items donated to Backpacks for Kids!

As for FishBowl, the Seahawks beat the Tides 39-30, continuing their winning streak from 2016. Many have asked what the Tide’s longest streak was. It lasted for five years, spanning from 1997 to 2001. Since then, the Tides haven’t had more than three wins in a row. 

“It was never about getting the seven for me,” Athletic Director, and head Coach Filkins said. For most of the coaches, the Fish Bowl isn’t just about a cross-town rivalry, but still just another league game. Filkins ended with this statement, “It was great to see the team pull together when the game was at risk.” 

Here are some FishBowl stats: Grady Johnson and Ethan Fias had the highest total tackles, Johnson with seven, and Fias with six. The total score per quarter was

First Quarter

     Pen- 7 GH- 3

Second Quarter

     Pen- 17  Gh- 10

Third Quarter

     Pen- 24  GH- 17

Fourth Quarter and the Final Score

     Pen- 39  GH-30

Well done Seahawks! Let’s keep the winning streak going for both competitions next year!