The Difficult Issue of Vaping in Schools

The Difficult Issue of Vaping in Schools

Caitlyn Anderson

In the past year, the issue of vaping in schools has skyrocketed. Teens have been using multiple different devices to inhale nicotine infused and marijuana vapor. In many middle schools and high schools in the United States students have been reported countless times using an e-cigarette in a classroom or restroom on school campus. This act should not be tolerated in schools as it harms the teens ability to obtain information and hurts the educational environment for themselves and others around them. Schools have started to make more strict regulations and punishments to try and limit the high amount of teens participating in vaping. 

It has been recorded in 2018 that over 20% of high school students used an e-cigarette or vape device in the past thirty days. Rates continued to go up as the days and months go on.. Peer pressure can lead to more adolescent suffering from nicotine addictions and getting hooked on a toxic product. Students have reported feeling disgusted and uncomfortable while they’re trying to use the restroom and they see other students using a vape device. It is completely unfair for them to have to tolerate these actions occurring. High school is a very stressful time and the last thing one should have to worry about is feeling uncomfortable whilst using the restroom. 

With vaping being such a new product, some teens are understand the impression that it is ‘not dangerous’ or ‘unharmful’ but that is certainly not the case. Studies have been shown that vaping can lead to severe lung injuries such as a collapsed lung, difficulty breathing, lung disease, and increased blood pressure resulting in seizures and heart attacks. As if that wasn’t enough, vaping can also lead to bad habits, slowing down one’s ability to learn and process information, anxiety, and harsh reliant on a substance.  

The vaping epidemic is continuing to spread.. Don’t let it consume you! If you need help quitting please talk to a parent, cousler, or caring adult in your life. You can also call 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669) to talk to someone when you’re in need of help. Remember: Vaping is NOT cool! 



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