Tik Tok: What is it?


Kailyn Lowe, Editor

Tik Tok is rising in popularity as more and more users join every day. But what is Tik Tok exactly? Tik Tok (formerly known as Musical.ly) is a semi-new social media platform that lets users create short 15 second videos and share with others. In 2018, Tik Tok was downloaded more than 660 million times. Many claim that they just got the app as a joke, but has turned into an addiction. As of right now, Tik Tok has over 500 million active users in just the time it has been an app. Originally, Musical.ly had its name because a user (Muser) was able to lip-sync to their favorite songs. They changed their name because they wanted to rebrand and make Tik Tok more enticing to different audiences. Now, on Tik Tok, you’re not only able to lip-sync to their favorite songs but also able to dance, sing, make a skit, and express many other talents to share with your followers. Some of the most famous Tik Tokers include: Loren Gray(@lorengray), Ariel Rebecca Martin(@Baby Ariel), Kristen Hancher(@Kristenhancher), Jacob Sartorius (@Jacobsartorius), Zach King (@zachking) and Riyaz Ali (@Riyaz.14)
Sophomores Kamryn Enos, Mckayla Nichols, and Abigail Sornsen have some ideas about the fun app. Enos says her favorite part about Tik Tok is watching all the life hacks. “It’s very useful when it comes to this kind of stuff because you can learn some useful things.” Enos also says that the way she found out about the app was she saw an ad and thought it looked cool, even though she rarely goes on it. Nichols, however, got the app because she saw a bunch of her favorite social media influencers on the app. “I only really go on it when my friends go on it,” she reveals. Sorensen has had the app for about 3 years and she likes to go on the app daily and makes at least one Tik Tok every week. All together, Tik Tok is rising in popularity and is becoming more well known as time goes by.