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Huntyr Woolley
Huntyr Woolley enjoys running but because of an injury to her knee is not able to be involved in cross country. She says, “If  I could I would be on the team right now.” But aside from running Huntyr enjoys various things. “I volunteer at the Bear creek family home. I just started that this summer in August. I go every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.” Woolley says. But aside from the present day Huntyr has multiple things planned for her future. Things such as dental work where her future job includes being an orthodontist in Australia. She hopes be an exchange student in college for the University of Sydney and wants to learn how to surf. “I want to have a winter house in Whistler, Canada while living in Australia, those are my dream plans.” Woolley said.



Huntyr Woolley, Social Media Editor

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Huntyr Woolley