The Choir’s Trip to the Windy City

PHS Choir singing their hearts out

PHS Choir

PHS Choir singing their hearts out

Mason Hyde, Reporter

Back in early March, Peninsula High School’s very own choir took a trip to Chicago for the Windy City Choral Festival. The choir performed great. Everyone loved being able to explore the big city, while singing their hearts out at the competition. The trip went exceptionally well, and the choir enjoyed every part of it.

The choir practiced hard this entire year leading up to this event. Back in February, however, Western Washington was struck with a very large amount of snow, cancelling school around a week. The choir was stuck without practice for a long time. When asked about the chain of events, junior Luke Golden describes his experience with “we had to work really hard to learn our music because we missed a lot of practice due to the snowstorm, but we got there and knew all our music.” “Our choir did a great job,” he adds.

Not only did the choir sing, but the great vocalists also explored the big city and soaked up as much as they could. Senior Will Pratt absolutely loved it. “My favorite part was travelling to some of the greatest places in Chicago. I met people from all over the country. Every second of it was great.” Some of the places the choir went includes the Art Institute of Chicago, the Field Museum, the Bean, along with other cool and exciting parts. They performed in the great Chicago Symphony Hall.

The Peninsula High School choir had an outstanding trip to Chicago, Illinois in early March. The choir had a blast. The trip was a double win, as they planned, with performing great and exploring Chi-Town. All in all, the team did great. Everyone created bonds that will last a lifetime. As senior Graham Schmidt said, “we really grew as a choir. A lot of people were new to it and worked really hard to improve so that we could perform better as a whole.”