Men’s Volleyball Tournament


William Leahy

PHS Volleyball Tournament

Cole McVay, Reporter

The 2019 Peninsula High School Men’s Volleyball Tournament brought lots of completion, joy, and school spirit among classes. The tournament consisted of one team per class and four total teams. The Freshman, the Sophomores, the Juniors, and the Seniors all brought their best stuff.

 The Freshman were coached by Lauren Wittmers and Tommi Gallucci. Class of 22 did not have the performance they wanted going 0-2 on the day. However the Freshman had a ton of energy and spirit during this special class competition.

The Sophomores surprised everyone with a massive win against a talented Junior team with a whopping 21-6 victory. The Sophomores followed that game up with another win against the Seniors in the championship to take the crown. The Sophomores rode on the back of their MVP Hazen Christensen “He was the best player on the court in each game that he played,” said Maeve Griffin star of the volleyball team and coach of the Juniors.

The Junior class did not have the performance they wanted. Class of 2020 had high expectations going into the tournament. After a surprising first round loss to the eventual champion they bounced back to beat the Freshman behind great plays from Ben Goins and Jude Endsley. Luke Golden said “Ben and Jude both hustled all over the court making play after play.” Overall the Juniors are a little disappointed in their performance but ready to bounce back next year.

The Seniors who were coach by Zach Taylor and Emma Lofdahl were very confident going into the tournament. After a first round win against the freshman the seniors looked to take home the victory but unfortunately they couldn’t get it done. The Sophomore class brought to much skill to the court and the Seniors couldn’t handle it. The Seniors finished off their volleyball career with a 1-1 record in their final tournament.

Overall the tournament was a good time for all who participated. Emma Lofdahl “It was good tournament and fundraiser that raised a lot of money for our senior prom. I would call it a success.” The 2019 Men’s Volleyball Tournament turned out to be a great thing for Peninsula High School.