Winter break destinations 2018-2019

Kailyn Lowe, Reporter

Candles, hot chocolate, and fuzzy socks can only mean one thing: winter. Winter comes with many advantages, and for students and parents, there is the much-needed winter break. One of the most identifiable traditions to this mini vacation is traveling; whether it’s a road trip cross country or a sleepover with your best friend, many people had ideas.

For freshman Jojo Abernathy the vacation was quite enjoyable. “I enjoy the break from school because I got to hang out with my friends and I got to sleep in.” Abernathy said. Over the break, Abernathy did some yard work, made new friends, went to the gym, and slept in.

9th grader Kamryn Enos went to her older sister’s house over in Silverdale for a sleepover as well as going to various parties, “My favorite part about break was getting some quality time to myself and family time and thinking clearly about things I was unsure about.” Enos said. “My favorite memory was going shopping with my sister. We did a whole bunch of crazy things in a bunch of different stores.” Enos adds.

While some may not have traveled far, others did go on a much-needed vacation. 9th grader Chloe Lee went to Canada, as well as Portland, Oregon. Instead of taking a plane, Lee’s dad drove to all of the destinations. “My favorite part about break was getting to rest a bit, enjoying Christmas and waiting for 2019 coming.” Lee got to also hang out with old friends and spend time with family. Lee’s favorite activity to do on a vacation is sleep and shop. Lee’s top memory is being in downtown Vancouver, she also enjoyed resting and not having to get up early. The only thing Lee would regret is not doing things to help her grades over break. However, overall Lee enjoyed her vacation.

Lee wasn’t the only one to go to Canada. 9th grader Che Watkinson went to Whistler in Canada to go snowboarding with family and friends. “I spent most of my time with my step sister and her friend” Said Watkinson. Watkinson enjoyed the break to an extent snowboarding was fun, however, Watkinson is happy to be back with all his friends again. “I spent my winter break well the first half but the second half was just Netflix binge-watching time.” said Watkinson. Something he could not travel without is his phone to take pictures and stay in contact with friends.

Freshman Naomi Wenning went to Leavenworth, Washington. Wenning enjoyed the break because it gave her the chance to get her grades up and gave her a break to spend time with her family. “I like to go shopping when I travel somewhere” Wenning said. Spending most of her time in a getaway cabin with her family, Wenning’s favorite activity to do over winter break was to go out and play in the snow.

The word vacation can bring different images to each person’s head. Whether that picture is of a road trip out of the country or catching up on sleep, many had a pleasurable break.