Spirit Week 2018


Cole McVay

PHS boys dressed up for tropical Tuesday

Cole McVay, Reporter

Peninsula High School spirit week is almost upon us; the most exciting week of the school year is here. Spirit week is October 1st through 5th, and students around Peninsula High School are very excited. This year’s spirit week is filled with fun, amazing and exciting days. Spirit week has a friendly class competition as well. To kick spirit week off students decorated the commons, each class had a wall to decorate and the winner received 100 spirit points. Spirit points can be earned by dressing up or even winning the class competitions at lunch. At the end of the week the class with the most spirit points will win the competition.

Monday will be Denim Monday, the hallways filled with students denimed all the way out. The students are excited to start the week off on a great note. People can not wait to earn their class spirit points.

Tuesday will be Tropical Tuesday, everyone will be as touristy as possible going to be an awesome day with the hallways feeling like a vacation. Students all around the school will be dressed in hawaiian shirts and colorful clothing.

Wednesday will be Western Wednesday, On Wednesday the school will be all Westerned out. Western day is a fan favorite for many students especially in the senior class. Expect Wednesday to be a fun day full of spirit. You can hear western accents and smell southern barbeque.

Throwback Thursday is the fourth day of the week. Thursday will be a blast from the past. 60’s 70’s, 80’s everywhere. This will be one of the most interesting days for sure. All generations and throwbacks will be brought into the school setting. The bright colors will add a rush of excitement through the school.

Friday is one of everybody’s favorite, because students love showing off their school spirit. Friday’s are called Finish Friday’s for a reason It’s going to be the best way to end the week with the school covered with the fairest colors in the land are green and white.

School leaders Burke Griffin, and Isabella Filkins they both expressed their excitement for the upcoming week. Griffin said “Spirit week is a blast for because it shows how pumped our school is how supportive we are with each other.” Filkins is excited for one certain day in particular “I can’t wait for Western Wednesday,” Filkins said. Spirit week at school is something special for everyone and the students can’t wait to be apart of it.

Ben Goins and Luke Golden posing in their cowboy outfits on Western Wednesday