Kindness Matters Club: Spreading Happiness One Smile at a Time

Nikki Schobert, Managing Editor

“A little bit of kindness can go such a long way, like if you smile at someone in the halls it totally changes their day,” Natalie Pierson, a senior at Peninsula High School said. Pierson formed the Kindness Matters Club this year to better the atmosphere of the school and help others who need it.

Every first and third Thursday of each month Natalie Pierson, Olivia Whitmarsh, Dylan Van Der Bank and several other students come together to spread positivity throughout the school and the community. The first meeting only had around 10 people, but that didn’t damper Pierson’s hopes. She wants to get more students regularly involved and open up more opportunities.

“It’s easier to spread kindness and love if we’re all kind and loving to each other” Pierson said. The club has come up with several ideas to try throughout the year, including putting up posters, painting rocks with encouraging words to place around the school and community, writing letters to the classified staff, and even things as simple as smiling and saying hello to others in the halls.

“When I started the club, I was like, ‘hey, I want all of us to be friends here’ and have a welcoming environment within the club… If you have a lot of people smiling in the halls it can change the whole school’s atmosphere” Pierson said.

“I think the kindness club is a cool thing because it brings people together and it shows what people think of others in a positive way,” Owen Behrens said.

There are also bigger plans for the group, such as writing letters to the classified staff and even going to Purdy Elementary to talk to the students about spreading happiness. The people involved want to try everything big and small to spread the joy to anyone they can.

“I really wanted to make an impact on the school and leave a legacy… and making the school a better place.” Pierson said. She, as well as many others involved in the club, hope that it will grow and become a place for people to come and make friends.