A Spectacular Season for Snow Sports


Ben Undem

Peter Murphy at Whistler Peak.

Ben Undem, Reporter

In the past few years the local ski resorts have not received as much snow as they wanted. Shrubs and sticks are common to find sticking up out of the snow and even patches of dirt were not uncommon. The end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 have brought joy to the ski resorts, and to the skiers. The snow coverage this past winter has been perfect. Skiers and snowboarders have not had to worry about rocks and hidden snares. This winter will be one to remember.

“Skiing brings me all around and I have fun going to other places in and out of Washington and it is cool to see how different they are from here.” says Peter Murphy, a PHS junior who has been skiing since the fourth grade. “Whistler, Canada is my favorite place to ski because the wide range of terrain never gets old.”

Before this season, snow levels have been low and the conditions have been barely competent. In contrast, this season has been filled with fresh powder days, fulfilling the wishes of all who desire to spend time on the slopes.

“I find it very peaceful sometimes, when you are gliding down the mountain with only your thoughts,” said Nick Eberhardt, another PHS junior and avid skier. “One thing I find very special about skiing is that you can enjoy something you love and connect with other people at the same time.”

Skiers have been around for a long long time, but the winter sport of snowboarding is reasonably new.

“I would have to say Crystal Mountain is my favorite place to snowboard at.” said Ben Figueroa, Peninsula alum. “One time my friends and I built a jump in the backcountry and I hit it so fat!”

The 2016-2017 season is finally coming to a close. This winter’s cold spell for Washington has given locals a taste of the past as historic snowfall has encouraged Washingtonians to participate in snow sports.

“I find skiing as a getaway where I can go enjoy the nature and the brisk snowy wind blow past my face,” said Murphy.