Girls Soccer Scores a Spot at State!


Cassie Bundrick

The Peninsula Ladies Soccer Team cheering before storing the field

Seth Walloch, Sports Editor

The Peninsula Girls Soccer season has come to an end and they finished strong. The last few years the girls didn’t make it as far as they did this year, finishing the season with a record of ten wins, seven losses, and two draws. This is a giant improvement from last year where the girls weren’t able to make it to playoffs.

“We have always been the underdogs and it was incredible to see that determination within us and see it reflected out on the field and the score board,” said team captain Betsy Brunkow.  

The girls finished the season in fourth place in the SSC 3A league. This allowed them to make it to playoffs where they played strong. They had to play Lakes in the first round where they won 3-1. They then moved on to Bonney Lake where they got the win with a score of 6-5.

“We were in a place of uncertainty and self doubt but we realized our potential and it shined through, especially in our Bonney Lake game which sent us to state,” said Brunkow.

After the win over Bonney Lake, the team moved onto state where they had not been to in years. The first game the girls went up against Bishop Blanchet and they played hard. Sadly, they came up short and lost to Blanchet which ended their season. The girls were still happy though because they had made it to state.

Kayla Schunzel, senior varsity player, said, ”We have a lot of girls that have played soccer their entire lives and they play on select teams which are very good. The past three years we have had girls who play a lot but not this level of the talent we had this year.”

They are losing three seniors after this year: Grace Lewis, Betsy Brunkow, and Kayla Schunzel.

“I’m excited to see where the team goes next year, I know they will be amazing and achieve great things,” said Brunkow.
Overall the season was a very good one for the girls, they are already looking forward to next year. The PHS soccer girls are setting their goals high and wanting to make it even farther than they made it this year – maybe even a state title.