The Simpsons Predict Real Life Events


Nathan Johnson

Can The Simpsons predict the future?

Nathan Johnson, Reporter/Conspiracy Theorist

The Simpsons is a joyous television series that encapsulates the shenanigans that occur in lives of Homer Simpson and his family. The subjects in this series are displayed as creatures of low intelligence, one of the major reasons that it’s such a tummy tickling series. Although the creatures depicted in this show are of low brainpower, the predictions made in early episodes are scary accurate. On multiple occasions, the Simpsons have depicted an event that would actually develop in the future.

In an early 2000 episode, Trump was displayed riding down an escalator. When Trump is riding down the escalator, he first waves with his right hand and then gives a thumbs up with his left hand. While this is happening a voter sign behind the escalator falls down. In 2015, Donald Trump rode down an escalator following his presidential campaign announcement. As Donald Trump goes down the escalator he first waves to the voters with his right hand and then gives a thumbs up with his left hand.

However, this isn’t even the creepiest part. As I mentioned previously a voter’s sign fell down in The Simpsons episode. In 2015, as Donald Trump rode down the escalator, a voter’s sign fell as well.

These two events are way too closely related to be a mere coincidence. This is because in both 2000 and 2015 Donald Trump is going down a glass escalator with gold railings, while being bombarded by supporters.

I believe the producers of The Simpsons are slowly leaking us information that is years behind its due date. We are completely unaware because we all believe The Simpsons to be an innocent cartoon. However, there is no way it is a guiltless cartoon. We watch a Simpsons episode, laugh, and then move on like it meant nothing. The Simpsons has spoken truth about our society and veiled these truths behind its idiotic and dramatic plot lines and humor. This has happened other times, the Trump case isn’t the only time this has happened.

In a 1997 episode of the Simpsons, the Ebola Virus Outbreak is predicted. Marge is comforting a sick Bart and suggests to read a book titled “Curious George and the Ebola Virus”. When Bart rejects her suggestion, Marge asks Bart if he wants to color something.  At this point, he ominously points at a drawing of an apocalyptic world where he is dead and surrounded by dead bodies.

In early 2014, West Africa was under a major Ebola outbreak. The high mortality rate of Ebola claimed the lives of 11,310 people ( Could it have been prevented or at least noticed earlier on?

The Fox Broadcasting Company produces and airs The Simpsons. I believe they have a predictive technology that tells them what information to leak and when to leak it. This episode that was just described quickly leaked the Ebola information, this allowed most people to discredit it and not pass a second thought on the matter.

The only problem that is it doesn’t state when these events are going to happen. All we know is what events will take place, not when. If we recognize what could happen we could look into further signs of certain events taking place to help better predict what events will happen and what events wouldn’t.

The Simpsons is more than just a comical TV show. It provides us with facts from the future presented in a humorous way. As soon as we deepen our view into The Simpsons series we can start predicting the future and prevent terrible happening from ever beginning.