56 Year Old Pool, Still Up And “Kickin”


PHS Girls Swim team huddled together before a meet.

Hallie Hicks, Reporter

“This life is like a swimming pool. You dive into the water, but you can’t see how deep it is.” said Dennis Rodman, a famous basketball player, and if this life is like a swimming pool then everyone should know how to swim. This is the goal of Peninsula High School’s required 9th grade swim class: to teach a life skill you can grow old with.

Out on the Peninsula, people are surrounded by water, they also love to swim in the summertime, from children to adults swimming is a common activity under the summer sun. Due to the large bodies of water surrounding us, a large percentage of deaths in Washington are drownings.

“Swim class is worth every minute.” says McNeish, Vice Principal of Peninsula High School. Since PHS started a required swim class, only one has had a fatal swimming accident. PHS’s swim class aims to drop that to either little or no deaths by starting with 9th graders.

Swimming is also helpful because it can be prescribed to people with sensory disorder or joint issues.

“Swimming is great for your joints!” said Mrs. McNeish. The water around them is another way for people to help them overcome fears or get their physical fitness in without putting strain on their joints.

In the 1960’s, PHS installed a pool. The school district and community decided that because they all lived out by this huge body of water that they should begin to teach all the third graders how to swim. They ended up moving the class to the high school freshman. Teaching them the techniques of swimming and special tricks and tips.

When swimming all of the muscles are being used. Arms are used to pull the body through the water, and legs used to push. People also learn how to breathe while gliding through the water.

“In swim your body is worked harder” said Mariah Sheek.

Lifeguarding and diving use just as many muscles as just swimming. Swimming involves flexibility, cardio, and strength all at the same time. For many adults who didn’t learn how to swim in high school say it was their biggest regret in life.

Swimming is a huge part of everyones life. Whether they truly know how to swim or not.

“If your body fails you it doesn’t matter what your mind does.” Said McNeish