Insider’s Scoop on Local Mom’s Business


One of Marlana Burns’ DIY football bows.

Lillian Roberts, Reporter

Not everyone has enough money to buy extra things. That’s why Marlana Burns started experimenting in the field of DIY and now has a successful online business: Mama’s Bowtique. She sells crafts and hair accessories on her site, with pricing ranges between three and eight dollars (a lot cheaper than other places).

Burns is a local mother with two daughters. She has been making hair accessories for a little over two years, selling them at craft fairs, and taking orders over her website. She didn’t want to spend a lot of money on items she could make, so she learned how to make hair accessories for her daughters.

What started as a hobby has bloomed into a successful business. Although she started locally, she’s now selling to people all over the country, and has visitors on her page from places like England, Ireland and Brazil.

“I started a little over two years ago. I taught myself how to make them and watched quite a few how-to videos. My youngest daughter was only one at the time, and I couldn’t see spending tons of money on  things I knew I could make myself for less money,” said Burns.

Burns has been crafting her whole life, but now that people are responding to what she produces, she’s finding herself appreciating her work much more.

“It’s nice to get validation after you work so hard to do something,” said Burns.

Burns works hard to get enough done; fulfilling orders, getting ready for events, and working to meet deadlines. There’s a craft fair coming up, and she’s already preparing.

“Right now, I’m working every day getting ready for a craft fair in November. I can work anywhere from an hour on things I’ve become good at, to four hours if it’s something new. A new thing I’m working on right now is fabric quilted Christmas balls and each one takes about an hour to complete. They’re little ornaments I started last Christmas,” said Burns.

Along with the support of her many customers, Burns’ family has been with her from the start.

“My family supports me and loves seeing what I come up with. They love my football bows!” Burns said.

Her daughter, Shelby Burns, a freshman, can often be seen wearing her mom’s bows, especially when there is a school event or a spirit day.

“People stop me pretty often, especially at school. Some are surprised my mom made them,” said Shelby.

One of her customers, Jennifer Roberts, bought two Christmas bows for her youngest daughter last year at the Winter Warm Up Craft Fair, and said that she was very satisfied.

“She’s a good friend of mine,” Roberts said. “She told me about her business.”

Burns seems to be planning to continue with Mama’s Bowtique. Although she hasn’t said how far she wants to take this, we can all expect hard work and great things from her. You can find her at