NBA Playoff Predictions


Michael Tipton

NBA playoffs Image

Seth Walloch, Sports Editor

When the NBA Playoffs begin, many people become very excited about their favorite players. For for those whose favorite teams did not make the playoffs, the games are not as exciting.The NBA takes the top 8 teams from the Western and Eastern conference and they play against each other. Number one plays the number eight seed and the number seven plays the two seed. This goes all the way down until the five seed plays the four seed.

Currently, the first round is still underway, but some teams have already earned their spot in the next round. Out of seven games, a team has to win four games. The teams that have moved on already include the Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder, The San Antonio Spurs, and The Cleveland Cavaliers. The teams that are still playing are Clippers vs. Trail Blazers, Raptors vs. Pacers, Celtics vs. Hawks, and Heat vs. Hornets.

I predict that the Trail Blazers will pull it out against the Clippers mostly with the help of Damian Lillard. He is a star point guard who can do anything that the team needs him to do. The Raptors will beat the Pacers mostly because of Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan. Lowry is a great point guard who passes very well, and he can also knock down a shot when the team needs one. Derozan is a monster on the court, a very strong inside scorer, and a not so bad outside shooter.

The Celtics, in my opinion, will be able to get past the Hawks because of how their guards play. Isiah Thomas is a very strong defensive player and a great passer who sets up his bigs very well. Avery Bradley is also a great scoring option for the team.

Lastly, The Heat will beat the Hornets mostly because of their great point guard, Goran Dragic. He is an all-around great point guard who can do everything that a player of his position needs to do. He also has help on the lower level with Hassan Whiteside, a defensive beast who has averaged 3.7 blocks per game this year. His career is definitely on the uprise as well.
Now who do I think will win the whole thing? I believe that Stephen Curry and the Warriors will be able to win the NBA Championship again, but that is only if they can make it to the Championship. Right now, Stephen Curry is out with an injury. He has to depend on several of his teammates to lead the others until he can get back into the game. Draymond Green and Klay Thompson were able to guide the Warriors to the next round, winning over the Houston Rockets. My overall opinion is thus that the Warriors are the best team in the NBA, and no matter who they play, if they have all of their players, they will be able to beat any team.