PHS Talent Show a Success


Meghan Laakso

Jonathan Brewster lit up the Talent Show with his dance moves.

Meghan Laakso, Managing Editor

Last nights talent show was amazing- hands down. Every single act filled the auditorium with joy and entertainment. Hosted brilliantly by seniors, Luca Mira and Carter Fawcet, the night was filled with laughter from their playful banter with each other and the crowd. At one point, someone next to me whispered that Fawcet could be the next Ryan Seacrest.

Looking at the program I noticed there were a lot of singing acts. I thought I would get tired of listening to people sing but I was wrong. Each artist had something new to offer the crowd.

The Boys Show Choir started off the night with a fun and energetic rendition of Stacey’s Mom. The smiles on their faces showed how much fun they were having on stage. Later on the Girls Show Choir gave the boys a run for their money with Destiny Child’s Survivor.

Out of the many singing acts, three specifically impressed me. The first would be the performance by seniors, Riley Egge and Gabe Gadbow. Egge sat down at the piano while Gadbow yielded his bass guitar. Together, they played a wonderful Christian song Egge had written. If I wasn’t told it was an original song, I never would have guessed. It was masterfully crafted and Egge sang it beautifully.

My next favorite singing act was by senior, Sydney Payne. With Teegan Horkan at the piano. Payne sang a cover of the inspiring song Rise Up by Andra Day. I never wanted it to end. Payne looked so comfortable on stage- so much so I had the feeling that she belonged there.

The last of my top three favorites was senior, Emily Frier. She too sang a Christian song that left many audience member breathless. I have the honor of hearing Frier sing some Sunday mornings at church so I’m no stranger to her voice. But each time, I hear a new tone added or a new note reached. I am blown away continually by her and her voice never ceases to impress me.

An honorable mention goes to Gabe Fobes who performed a haunting, acoustic tribute to David Bowie. Fobes sang Ground Control to Major Tom and with each line demanded the attention of the audience.

Like I said- every act was amazing. But there is one in particular that stole the show: J-Brew and the Dance Crew.

Junior, Jonathan Brewster, blew the crowd away with not only his dance moves, but his song selection and change of appearance. Brewster is recognized around the school by his long and luscious hair so it was quite the shock to the crowd when he burst on stage with a new do. But what song was he dancing to? Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. His backup dancers were made up of a few track girls who added to Brewster’s swag.

“The true Heroes of the night were Hannah Patterson, Amanda Wikramanayaka, Maddy Davis, Meghan Ozbirn, Caroline Mitchell, and Madaleine Johnson,” said Brewster. “These ladies worked with me every week leading to the T-Show. They came up with all of their choreography and executed it perfectly. Hannah and Amanda got this whole group together and found the song.”

Each movement had the crowd roaring. Personally, I never wanted it to end and kicked myself for not video taping it.

Each act provided something new and exciting- but none could compare to when Jonathan Brewster made it an unforgettable night as he brought Sexy Back to Peninsula High.