Educational Maintenance Levy Likely to Pass

Lucy Arnold, Editor in Chief

The ballot count for the Continuing Educational Programs and Operations levy so far reflects strong passage of the measure within the Peninsula School District. Over 70% of PSD voters voted for the levy to be renewed, with approximately 12,330 votes of yes and 5,220 votes of no (about 30% of the total) counted. Almost all ballot results were tabulated as of yesterday afternoon, so these results can be considered relatively final.

Staff and students are extremely happy with the result. Teacher, Mrs. O’Leary, is excited to see what will happen with the newly available funds.

“Every school has a different story, and our story at Peninsula is that there’s leaks in the ceiling and our gym might be condemned, and we need security personnel to secure the twelve doors on campus, so our story is that we need these people, these resources,” said O’Leary.

The good new is, now we do. Thank you to everyone who voted on the side of PSD schools!